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    Jon Kilimnik

    on November 28, 2010

    Hey Joey....
    Love the pics and am enjoying your blog as usual.
    I am dying to return to India since seeing your pics!!
    Nice stuff.


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So who's holding my camera? As I entered the Amber Fort I was approached (as I always was at any major attraction in India) by a tour guide. This guy was pretty old, so I thought I could learn something form him. He was halarious, (but realy slow) He ended up taking me to a couple of places around the fort that I probably wouldn't have seen including the elephant stables. I wanted to get to the top of the fort, so we got his motor bike and went up one of the sketchiest cobble stone roads I've ever seen. Near to the top, he asked me to get off while he went up the rest of the way by himself. I don't think I learned anything from him about the fort, but it was an interesting experience. I really loved the looks from all the people in the street. A really tall white guy on the back of a motor bike with a short crazy old Indian guide.