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    Jon Kilimnik

    on November 28, 2010

    Hey Joey....
    Love the pics and am enjoying your blog as usual.
    I am dying to return to India since seeing your pics!!
    Nice stuff.


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I went to India during the rainy season, and as a result, got to be in Varanasi when the Ganges was at its highest. During this time of year, you are more likely to see bodies floating in the river. On my second boat ride down the Ganges, there was in fact a blackened body which floated quietly past us. I had taken a picture, but later regretted this, and deleted it. People from all over India come to this place to die, to cremate dead relatives, to wash themselves in this river, and for many other purposes. Varanasi is a melting pot of religious rituals and everything seems to happen in this place. It is dirty, disgusting, courious, magical, strange and so much more. Though at the end, good to get away. Very glad I finally got to visit.